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Post Hurricane Ian Update #5: 

In addition to offering daily shared and private SHELLING BOAT TOURS in the 10k Islands,
Now excited to offer limited private eco pedal KAYAK TOURS
launching from Naples to Bonita Springs,
from river tours to beachcombing to sunset tours!

Post Hurricane Ian Update #4: 

Due to the closure of Caxambas Marina, I am unable to offer kayak shelling tours until further notice. There is no other kayak launch in close enough proximity to the shells for me to offer kayak shelling tours. Therefore, I am hiring a boat captain to boat my tour guests to the best shelling spot! All my tours now will be guided shelling tours via boat! Hope you'll join me!

 Boat Launch Address:
Goodland Boat Park, 750 Palm Point Drive, Goodland, FL 34140
To secure a parking spot it is s
uggested you arrive at the marina by 6:00am.

Post Hurricane Ian Update #3:
Nearest regional airport is RSW Ft Myers. Click Here for ideas on places to stay that are fairly close to the boat launch. PLEASE NOTE:  Local lodging and car rentals are both scarce right now! Please secure lodging and car rental BEFORE booking this tour!  

Post Hurricane Ian Update #2:

Questions or concerns about the safety of the Gulf waters?
The health and safety of our guests is our priority. The FL Dept. of Health monitors bacteria in the water and collects weekly samples. The results can be viewed here:

Happy to report most recent results of 10/31/22, all of Marco Island beaches
received a healthy scorecard, and at this time no warnings are posted.

Furthermore, getting your feet wet in the Gulf is optional when shelling! The boat drops us off on a dry sandy part of the island, each guest is free to choose whether to search for shells up high and dry or down near or in the water. 

Post Hurricane Ian Update #1:

My thoughts & prayers are with SW Florida and everyone affected. Personally feel extremely blessed that my family was not injured and my house was not flooded. My car can be replaced! So many others not nearly as fortunate... I truly appreciate the overwhelming outpouring of calls, texts, messages, and emails. Though I could not respond to each of you personally, please know that I am beyond grateful and touched by your care!

Sadly, the boat ramp where my kayak shelling tours launch from, Caxambas Marina, suffered damage and is closed indefinitely. Uncertain at this time when my kayak shell tours can resume.  I will keep you updated as to status of the Caxambas Marina as well as other possible kayak launch locations as beaches and parks begin to rebuild and open up. 

In the meantime I have hired a wonderful knowledgeable local boat captain to continue to run shelling tours on his boat, on a very limited basis, as my focus right now is cleaning up and assisting friends in their recovery. Starting now, we will launch out of Goodland Boat Park, located at 740 Palm Point Drive, Goodland, FL.
Please support SW Florida recovery efforts any way you can!  However, I completely understand if you need to re-evaluate your FL vacation plans due to destroyed accommodations!  In such case, message me and I will process a refund.

If you wish to support my business but are unable to come take a tour, I do have many SWFL seashells and shelling-related merch in my online shop!  

Love, Hugs & Happy Shelling to you all!

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Welcome aboard THE
Seashell Kayak
Tour Experience!
If you've harbored here, you're in need of a break. An escape from your crowded office, glaring computer monitor, traffic jams, and grocery lists. You need a holiday—you seek an adventure! Some place tropical, warm and sunny, with palm trees swaying and dolphins swimming.  An uninhabited island full of gorgeous seashells would do you some good! Savor the serene beauty of nature as you glide peacefully on the water. The seashell souvenirs you'll find will bring back pleasant memories of smiling in sunny warm Marco Island, Florida on the Gulf Coast...
It's time for you to hop on a kayak and actually live this dream! Kayaking is the ideal way to appreciate the ocean and our beaches. Free of loud motors and harmful pollutants, using nothing but your own strength to propel you... it is the ideal way to experience coastal nature. Come with me and experience my shelling kayak tour! Live the hashtags and bring a friend or a loved one! #optoutside #sunshinetherapy #saltescape #islandlife #shellingready #mermaidvibes #paradisefound #findyourbeach
Here is where I share my seashell kayak tour experiences and snapshots of the most tropical-mermaid-salty-good life imaginable! Shelling is one of my greatest passions, and I would love to take you on an aquatic adventure seeking out some beautiful, one-of-a-kind mementos. Let me guide you on a relaxing journey to find the shells of your dreams. And cross your fingers that we see some dolphins!
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