Add to your beachy boho jewelry collection with this wowing necklace featuring a rare albino nutmeg shell (self-collected from a SWFL beach!) hanging from a nautical silver charm holder (which does function, so you can easily swap out charms!) on a leather cord - with orange and yellow ceramic accent beads!  Makes for a sophistaicated everyday beachwear look! 


"If you can't dive into the ocean with your necklace on, what's the point of wearing it?" ~Ali 


This necklace design is an original SWFL SHELL GUIDE design!  The albino nutmeg shell, like every gift from the sea, is also one-of-a-kind!


You're sure to get your beachvibes flowing this with this piece!  It is a must-have for all true mermaids!  

Your necklace will come shipped in a kraft box with string -  perfect for gifting to a friend or keeping for yourself!  

Albino Nutmeg Shell Necklace on Leather