This unique SWFL Seashell Collection Starter Kit includes the following shells, all self-collected from Naples, Marco Island or Kice Island, FL:


  1. 1 hinged Spiny Jewel Box!
  2. 1 Alphabet Cone
  3. 1 Banded Tulip
  4. 1 Lettered Olive
  5. 1 Gaudy Nautica
  6. 1 Florida Cone
  7. 1 Top Snail
  8. 1 Orange Scallop
  9. 1 Paper Fig
  10. 1 Horse Conch


For size reference the box is 3.5"x3.5" and all shells fit inside the box.


These shells are all natural, new finds, and as such may have minor wear and variance.  They have all had a bleach water bath and mineral oil polish and are ready for you to display! 


Ships immediately via 1st Class Mail. 

Thanks and Happy Shelling!

SWFL Shell Collection Starter Kit

SKU: AB0125