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Are you looking for a unique and exciting way to spend a day in beautiful SWFL? Come join us for a shelling tour in the Ten Thousand Islands, hosted by a knowledgeable and experienced Shelling Guide!

The Ten Thousand Islands are a stunning chain of small islands located near Marco Island, Florida. These mangrove islands are known for their abundant marine life. They are also home to a wide variety of shells, including conch, scallop, and the prized junonia.

The tour will start with a briefing from the Captain on safety procedures and an overview of the island we'll be shelling. The Captain will then  take us out onto the water in a comfortable, stable boat, equipped with all the necessary safety equipment.

On our shelling tour, we'll have the opportunity to explore one or more of the Ten Thousand Islands, searching for shells along the shores. Your Shell Guide will be able to point out the best spots to look for shells and help you identify any shells you find.

Our shelling destination will be decided based on the season, tides, time of day, and recent shelling history to ensure your shelling experience is the best it can be! We'll either go to sand flats (usually the best choice for summertime low tides) or to Kice Island (usually best in the winter months).

Kice is an uninhabited island, part of the Ten Thousand Islands Wildlife Refuge! While the sand flats are just that, an expansive flat sandy terrain, usually only accessible during low tides, Kice's terrain is unique. Kice is more "dangerous" in that it is very rugged and thick with tree roots, stumps, mucky peat, and shells. Both areas contain many shell species where you are free to collect as many empty (unoccupied) shells as you can carry! 

In addition to shelling, you'll have the chance to see a variety of wildlife, including dolphins, manatees, and a wide variety of birds. Our Captain or Guide will provide interesting information about the local ecosystem and its history, making the tour not only fun, but educational as well.

So why wait? Join us for a shelling tour in the Ten Thousand Islands and  spend a memorable day in the sunshine, exploring the natural beauty of this unique and fascinating region!

Note: To check out future dates beyond the 30 days shown,

click the date shown on the top left corner of the Schedule View to select another month.

Available Boat Tours:

  • 5-Hour PRIVATE Tour - Guided by Ali

  • 5-Hour SHARED Tour - Guided by Ali

  • 4-Hour PRIVATE Tour - Guided by Captain Carlos

  • 4-Hour SHARED Tour - Guided by Captain Carlos

5-Hr Tours:

This is a 1-stop shelling tour (usually to Kice Island, but could be another spot if the shelling looks to be better elsewhere!). Not for the faint of heart, this is a physically demanding tour. Must have stamina and endurance and a medium- to high-level of fitness. I'll be your Guide the entire tour and ride out and back with you on the boat! We'll shell no matter the heat, rain, bugs or rugged terrain! 

4-Hr Tours:

This may be a 1- or 2-stop shelling tour (to Kice Island, Dickman's Sand Bar, Shell Island, or Morgan Key). Shorter, more laidback tour, not quite as physically demanding as the 5-hour tour. Still should have a medium- to high-level of fitness. Captain Carlos will be your Guide the entire tour. 

Private Tour Policy:

Private tours are offered at a flat fee for the entire tour, accommodating up to 6 guests. This means that the price for the tour does not change based on the number of guests. The maximum capacity for private boat tours is 6 guests. 

Shared Tour Policy:
The price for shared
boat tours is per guest. In order to provide the best experience for all guests, a minimum of 4 guests is required and the maximum capacity is 6 guests. The first booking for a shared tour must meet the minimum guest requirement of 4. Additional seats will then be available for parties of 1 or 2.


Please Note: a booking request is NOT a confirmed tour until you receive an email confirmation with a unique Booking ID Number. Your credit card will only be charged upon confirmation of the tour. A temporary hold will be placed on your credit card for booking requests but it will not be charged until the tour is confirmed. If you have any questions regarding your booking request, please do not hesitate to text me!


Tours launch from the boat ramp at Goodland Boat Park, 750 Palm Point Drive, Goodland, FL 34140


There is a $10 fee to park (unless you have a Collier County resident beach sticker). Pay inside the Ship Store.


Car spaces are extremely limited! All guests are strongly urged to ride-share, taxi/uber, or get dropped off at the park!


If you must drive, be sure to arrive as early as possible (suggest 6am!).

There are restrooms at the Goodland Boat Park, but no showers nor washdown stations. 


  • HAT
Be sure to wear close-toed water shoes or old sneakers or rubber boots! The terrain may be rough and rugged if we're headed to Kice Island. Even if we're headed to the sand flats there are still several sharp shells and objects you don't want to step on barefooted! Kice is not your typical white sandy beachfront; it's teeming with tree roots and stumps, and sometimes slimy slippery muck! Sometimes shelling requires us to cover a lot of ground on foot, both in and out of water - make sure your shoes are broken-in and fit well to avoid rubbing and blisters! Footwear is so so important!
There's no shade from the blazing sun on the island or sand flats! Be sure to bring sun protection: long-sleeve water shirt, lotion, cream, sunglasses, hats, even an umbrella to create your own shade if needed - whatever you use!   
Of course, feel free to bring your own desired food and beverages. 
No tools are really necessary, but you're free to bring your preferred shelling tools such as scoopers, diggers, snorkels, goggles, walking sticks, etc! I do provide hand rakes to each guest if there are any piles to dig!
If you love fragile beach finds (sand dollars, urchins, crab carapaces) you'll want to keep them separate from the shells which can easily break them. Bring a plastic box to keep the fragile stuff safe!
Good idea to bring insect repellent if those pesky no-seeums love you. No-seeums can be problematic during very early morning or near-sunset evening times of day, and seem to be especially prevalent whenever there are shell piles.
Check out a few of my fav shelling gear, tools, products, and displays listed HERE! (Not necessary to bring with you, but helpful if you want your own or to know where I got mine!) 




Guide provides water bottles and snacks (trail mix) for each guest, so please don't be shy!  Ask for water/snacks as often as you like - the more you take, the lighter my load! 


Each guest will also receive a complimentary custom-designed (by yours truly) shell bag, which we will set to work filling with seashell treasures (collecting only empty shells, of course)!


If you're lucky enough to book a tour when there are piles of shells (as opposed to smatterings), hand rakes are provided for your use in raking thru the piles. 

Marco Island Shell Collecting Bags
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