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10K ISLANDS or Keewaydin

4 hr CONCIERGE tour 

Introducing Ali's Virtual Shelling Concierge Experience!

Unable to visit SWFL for an immersive in-person tour? No Worries - I've Got You Covered!

At SWFL Shell Guide, Ali has always been committed to providing her guests with unforgettable shellventures. However, due to recent changes in policy and regulations by the Collier County Commissioners and Marco Island City Council members, I regret to inform you that I can no longer offer kayak tours to the 10k Islands. These local elected officials have imposed a ban on commercial tours from operating out of the Caxambas Boat Ramp, the ONLY kayak launch spot with access to the 10k Islands for shelling.

But fret not, because Ali is determined to keep the spirit of shelling alive and has come up with an innovative solution to ensure you can still experience the magic of shelling in SWFL!

Introducing my Virtual Shelling Concierge Service:

How Does It Work?

With our new concierge service, Ali will personally kayak to the 10k Islands (or to Keewaydin Island) as an individual sheller, gathering exquisite seashells along the way. While on the islands, she'll meticulously search for unique and beautiful shells, capturing the entire adventure through video clips to share the experience with you.

Customized Shelling Experience:

Just like our in-person tours, this virtual concierge service is all about catering to your preferences. You can now sponsor up to 5 shell bags, and Ali will fill them to the brim with carefully curated seashells from the 10k Islands. Let her know if you have any special requests—whether it's mini shells, cones, giant conchs, or magnificent whelks—Ali will do her absolute best to include your favorites.

Special Shell Draw:

Even if only one special shell is found, we won't leave anyone disappointed. Through a special draw, one lucky sponsor will be chosen to receive that exclusive treasure!

Bringing the Seashells to You:

After an exciting day of shelling, Ali will expertly pack the sponsored bags with the finest seashells and promptly ship them to your doorstep. You'll have the opportunity to hold and admire the stunning gifts of the sea, all without leaving your home.

Join the Virtual Shelling Revolution:

As we roll out this new concierge service, we're eager to see how the response is. Our Virtual Shelling Concierge Experience is perfect for those who can't travel or wish to bring a piece of the ocean home with them. We believe that this unique opportunity will create cherished memories and foster a deep connection to the wonders of the sea.

Book Your Virtual Shelling Experience Today!

Reserve your spot in this exclusive virtual tour and let Ali's passion for shelling and her deep knowledge of the 10k Islands enchant you. Embrace the beauty of the seashells from the comfort of your home and embark on an extraordinary shelling journey like no other! 

Shared Tour Policy:

In order for this virtual tour to take place, we require a minimum of 4 sponsors. 

Please Note: a booking request is NOT a confirmed tour until you receive an email confirmation with a unique Booking ID Number. Your credit card will only be charged upon confirmation of the tour. A temporary hold will be placed on your credit card for booking requests but it will not be charged until the tour is confirmed. If you have any questions regarding your booking request, please do not hesitate to text me!

Note: To check out future dates beyond the 30 days shown, click the date shown on the top left corner of the Schedule View to select another month. ​   

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