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Shell Cleaning Tips

Got Shells - Now What?

You’ve found some spectacular treasures after your amazing Kice Island Shelling Kayak Tour - congratSHELLations!!! If you’ve never cleaned seashells before, you will want to soak your treasures in a bleach-water solution in a bucket or sink.  1 part bleach to 3 parts water usually works well - and will kill any germs and help loosen barnacles.  Soaking in bleach water will not harm your shells or take away any of their natural color (Note: this does not apply to sand dollars, crab carapaces, and starfish!)  After soaking for 2-3 days, allow them to air dry, then use a cloth to polish each shell with mineral oil - this will bring out the shell’s natural shine and vibrant colors! Now you’re ready to display on a shelf, in a vase, or however else you like!  

Smelly Shell Tips:

Winter months bring in loads of shells, many freshly empty.  This means there may likely be remnants of soft-body tissue way up in the tip or whorl of the shell, which will SMELL - Florida Cones are the worst culprits!  Allow smelly shells to soak extra long - change out the bleach water solution every couple of  days!

Smelly Hands or Clothes:

Winter shelling got you smelling?  Pour a little (or a lot!) of vinegar on your hands to get rid of that stench.  Add vinegar to your laundry detergent as well!    

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