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Discover Your Perfect SWFL Adventure with Ali's Shelling Tours!


1. BOAT TOUR: Shelling 10k Islands. Shared, 4-Hour, Guided & Unguided: Experience a relaxing backwater boat ride through mangroves to reach our guided shelling destination in the 10k Islands. Collect and identify beautiful shells and beach finds along the various shelling spots in the 10k Islands.

2. BOAT TOUR: Shelling South Keewaydin Island. Private, 5
-Hour: Treat yourself to a boat ride through backwaters, arriving at the southern sandbar end of Keewaydin Island. Book this option during a magnificent negative low tide for the best and most abundant shells!

3.  KAYAK TOUR: Ecoventure North Keewaydin Island. Shared, 4-Hour: Relax on a backwater kayak tour through mangroves, leading to the pristine backside of Keewaydin Island. Enjoy beachcombing, hiking scenic scrub brush trails, or take a refreshing swim in the Gulf!

4. KAYAK TOUR: Shelling South Keewaydin
 Island. Private, 4-/5-Hour: Designed for adventure-seeking shell enthusiasts! Paddle on a long kayak ride to Keewaydin Island and spend a solid 2 hours beachcombing for remarkable seashells.

Choose your preferred tour and let Ali's expertise and passion for shelling create unforgettable memories on the enchanting shores of SWFL. 



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