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Seashells of Southwest Florida


are a physical part of the Ocean, born within its depths, so they are very special and unique.  Seashells are the hard, protective exoskeletons of marine mollusks, the creature’s home for its entire lifespan.  Seashells rival mankind’s creations in their beauty, strength, and mathematical precision. The shapes and patterns are not random — they’ve been passed on through countless generations.  Some types of sea life have been making seashells in more or less the same designs for millions of years. Seashell shapes are timeless and sacred; they existed before us and will probably outlast us.  For this reason, shells can be seen as symbols of independence, solitude, and self-reliance. The shapes and colors of seashells are also strongly associated with healing spirit energy: spiral shape shells tend to create change and increase energy and shells with radiant lines help more with clearing energy blockages.  By being in contact with seashells, we open and activate our intuition and sensitivity, bringing us a deep appreciation for Divine creativity and the regenerative healing of the Ocean. 


Collect as many empty shells as your heart desires on my Seashell Kayak Excursion out of Marco Island, Florida! 

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