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Add to your beachy boho jewelry collection with this wowing necklace featuring a rare albino nutmeg shell (self-collected from a SWFL beach!) hanging from a nautical silver charm holder (which does function, so you can easily swap out charms!) on a leather cord flanked by stunning blue-green-pink-themed beads!  Makes for a dressy, sophisticated yet everyday beachwear look! 


"If you can't dive into the ocean with your necklace on, what's the point of wearing it?" ~Ali 


This is a slip-on necklace, its length is adjustable by sliding the knots! 


This necklace design is an original SWFL SHELL GUIDE design!  The Albino Nutmeg shell, like every gift from the sea, is also one-of-a-kind!   


Albino Nutmeg Symbolism & Meaning:

It is rare when a creature is pure White. The scarcity of albinos in nature is likely due to genetics and survival: a pure white animal is easier to see against the backdrop of the natural world and, therefore, a target for predators. Yet, it is their rarity that makes people revere them so. Albino shells, Nutmegs in particular, serve as the bearers of great wisdom, magic, and truths. When an Albino Nutmeg appears in your life, it brings good news! Dramatic but positive changes are happening! Albino Nutmegs also act as bearers of peace! Because Albino creatures are so closely associated to heaven, angels, and divinity, this Albino Nutmeg will help you access your own divine nature and/or be surrounded by angelic protectors!



Your necklace will come shipped in a kraft box wrapped with a SWFL Shell Guide printed sleeve -  perfect for gifting to a friend or keeping for yourself!  

Albino Nutmeg Shell Necklace on Leather

SKU: 230129F

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