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This shell bag is a must have item for shelling SW Florida beaches from Sanibel to Marco Island!


It features all the favorite treasured shells you'll hope to find locally: 
Junonia, Horse Conch, Alphabet Cone, King Crown Conch, Flat Scallop, Rose Petal Tellins, Golden Olive, Florida Cone, Rose Murex, Lightning Whelk, Shark's Eye, and Banded Tulip!


An original SWFLShellGuide design! All shells featured on this bag were self-collected on SWFL beaches and photographed by yours truly, then digitally arranged in Photoshop to make the print design.  
The design of the bag itself is also original by yours truly - as I think it will best serve your shelling needs!  Shell in style!  Fill with shells, dunk in water to wash away the sand!  


The bag has exterior mesh pockets to hold cell phones, water, shells, etc.! There is an adjustable shoulder strap. The bag has a drawstring closure. Best is the mesh base, dunk bag in water to wash sand off your shells! 


The bag is plenty spacious, perfect for your shelling excursions!  Unlike other shell bags, this tote is also perfect to use for the gym, weekend getaways, family vacations and various other uses. Plenty of space for towels, water bottles, glasses, toys, sunblock and pretty much anything you need for a day at the beach or pool.


This lightweight shelling bag can hold a few very large horse conchs and countless smaller shells!  Its durable enough to last you multiple shelling seasons. 


Round Base Diameter: 11 inches
Height: 15 inches

Shelling Bag - Drawstring White SWFL Seashells


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