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This sweet box contains self-collected shells from the Ten Thousand Islands, Gulf of Mexico, from 2022-2023! 


This shell package contains the exact shells pictured, as follows:

  • One (1) Alphabet Cone
  • One (1) Lace Murex
  • One (1) Shark Eye
  • One (1) Pear Whelk
  • One (1) Lettered Olive
  • One (1) Gaudy Natica
  • One (1) Coral Fragment
  • One (1) hinged Spiny Jewel Box 


All shells are fresh, all-natural finds, and as such may have minor imperfections or blemishes. They've been soaked in bleach water and polished lightly with mineral oil!


For size reference the box is 3.5"x3.5" and this shell fit inside the box.


Ships immediately via 1st Class Mail. 

Thanks and Happy Shelling!

Collectible SWFL Sea Shell Package - Starter Kit

SKU: 230507B

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