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Brand new insulated lunch box lunch bag featuring your favorite local treasured shells: Junonia, Horse Conch, Alphabet Cone, King Crown Conch, Flat Scallop, Rose Petal Tellins, Golden Olive, Florida Cone, Rose Murex, Lightning Whelk, Shark's Eye, and Banded Tulip!


An original SWFLShellGuide design! All shells featured on this bag were self-collected on SWFL beaches and photographed by yours truly, then digitally arranged in Photoshop to make the print design.  

This bag is thin and lightweight - perfect for displaying your shell spirit every day! Lunch bag has an open front pocket and two carry handles.  Zipper is black. 



Insulated Lunch Bag: 7.4" tall x 10.2" wide x 5.5" deep, plus carry handles

Material: Polyester/Nylon

Lunch Bag - SWFL Seashells Cooler Bag


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